Add or Remove Email Accounts to the Allowed/Blocklist in Zoho

This article was originally created in Microsoft Word. Feel free to download a copy linked below. It contains images that illustrate the process of Adding or Removing email accounts from the Allowed/Blocklist.


Step 1: Open the Zoho Mail Client.  


Step 2: On the top right-hand side of the screen, select the cogwheel located below your Profile Picture.


This will open the Settings menu. On the left-hand side, you can scroll down until you reach the “Anti-Spam” section.


Step 3: Select “+Add” and type in the email address. Press “Add” once you are finished.


This will add the email address to the Allowlist. The Allowlist will prevent friendly mail from being directed to your Spam folder, but only if there are no conflicting rules in place. To ensure users sending you mail are never directed to your Spam folder, you can add them to the “Trusted” emails list.


 Step 4 (Optional): Select the “Trusted / Rejected Emails” tab and add the email address to the Trusted Email list.



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